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On this page we would like to take the opportunity of introducing ourselves by letting you know our overarching aims, principles and philosophy towards facial aesthetics and secondly to provide a balanced overview of treatment options for those seeking treatment for the easing of facial lines / wrinkles.


This website aims not to promote any particular treatment or specific product in the treatment of lines / wrinkles but to inform ethically and to the very best of our ability the options which we can provide in a fair and balanced way with the best interests of the public paramount and firmly at its core.


If you are a general casual "surfer" of the net then this website is not aimed at you. If you did not seek out information for the treatment of lines / wrinkles the very last thing we would want to do is to try to promote interest by the content of this website. We do not try to promote insecurities or play in any way shape or form on anyones insecurities for financial gain. Our aim here

is simply to provide an avenue of help if you are seeking ethical information, advice and  treatment of lines / wrinkles. It is  because of this approach that this website may look somewhat different from others you have seen on the subject where the intention is perhaps to promote insecurities where they may otherwise not have been.  We are proud of our own approach and it is the foundation of our Aesthetic business.


These ethics and principles are not only our foundation but guide and pin our approach at every level from internet / enquiries through to consultation and carried through to treatment if this is appropriate and suitable and we can help.


Everything is gone into at the FREE consultation in a great deal of depth but basically there can be two causes of facial lines / wrinkles / folds.


Some are caused by the repeated contraction of muscles used during facial expression combining with a gradual loss of elasticity in the skin as the years go by to cause lines which typically show as vertical lines between the eyebrows (the frown lines) which extend upwards, horizontal lines which show higher on the forehead (forehead lines caused by contraction of the frontalis muscle which we use when we raise our eyebrows ) and lines which radiate outwards from around our eyes (commonly known as the crows feet lines and which show more deeply when we smile broadly or look into the sun ). All of these lines can be treated by muscle relaxant / easing  treatments which involve injections that relax the muscles so preventing them contracting as strongly. Thus there are 3 "Areas" that can be treated commonly known as frown, eyes and forehead.


Other lines and folds varying in depth can form due to volume loss in the tissues of the face as the years pass. These are usually in what is typically referred to as "the lower face" ( basically below the level of the eyes). A big factor in this is the loss of volume in the cheeks that occurs with time. The natural fat pads there thin and cause folds of skin to form further down the face, typically running between the nose and the mouth ( referred to as "naso-labial" lines) and then extending down towards the jaw line ( referred to as the "marionette lines"). These areas can be treated with treatments which add the volume back to the areas where it has been lost.


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